Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Thomas will be 18 on Sunday.
I don't need reminding because we have arranged (and mostly paid for) the driving lessons (you can't drive a car here until you're 18), we have booked and organised the party (which we have also been banned from - get that??), we have thought about (but not quite bought) the presents, I have thought about and decided on the cake to be made. But, just in case I/we had forgotten.....this came by registered mail today. His voting card.

Here's hoping he puts it to good use.......


  1. Happy Birthday Thomas. Goes fast doesn't it. That baby in arms seems like yesterday and also a world away. Hope the party goes well, even if you are only pushing your nose up against the window!

  2. Happy Birth Day to Thomas and to Mom! Hope the party is a huge success. My "baby" will be 25 this year!! OMG! Have a wonderful weekend full of memories.