Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trouble at Mill

We're not going through a very good time with Italy at the moment - the trip to Canada has left us a bit 'wobbly' about where we live and what we are doing - I have been waiting for the new school year to start - surely someone must realise that a 3 1/2 month summer holiday for the kids is a tad too long - for normal life to resume and for me/us to appreciate living in this beautiful country again. I am working out of town this week - driving though the countryside and enjoying it - and slowly I can begin to ignore the down side to Italy - the politics (OMG, the politics), the poor service in shops (you have to somehow cow tow (what is a good substitute for arse lick??) to the people who are supposed to provide a service so that they treat you properly, we have just spent hundreds of Euros on school books THAT WILL NEVER BE USED and so on and so forth - but slowly, like I said, I will begin to ignore it all - and then I get to work........and see this.......

...the epitome of life in Italy - they can't bloody park - or rather - people only park (and live their lives) thinking about themselves - my big beef with Italians has always been that they do not go out of their way to be mean or unkind but they are completely unaware of anyone else - this car park is big, but only holds two thirds of the cars it could (in an area where parking is a problem) - it wouldn't take a lot....just a bit of thought on the part of those people (teachers) who should be teaching the people of tomorrow......


  1. Life in a land is different to holiday in a land and life in a land now is likely to be very different to how it used to be a decade ago. We have this everytime we go to Australia, but I often start to realise that Australia is also full of selfish prats, traffic jams, crap politics, school life issues, bad work benefits etc - sometimes I think it is about demographics within a country - some areas seem to have better community awareness than others even within certain cultural climes. Sometimes I feel totally trapped - do we move and take daughter so far away from her father and when discussed with her she says she won't move. Do we move without her, I can't face leaving my baby so far behind. So usually it ends up with me saying to OH "nobody's got you tied to the bed, if you are so desperate to go, just go" but I don't really mean it - I'm just stuck between a rock and a hard place. Difficult, so difficult - I'm sure I could go on and on about it for hours. But my theory so far is children are lent to us, and good health allowing, when she no longer needs me then I will uproot.

  2. Once again it is good to hear your take on it - to be honest we are really thinking along the same lines as you - Thomas is going into his last year of school and Leo only has 4 more years left - I guess then we'll see what they want to do and sort of make a decision based around that - but in the meantime I just wish Berlusconi would disappear, Italian children wouldn't interrupt continuously and that their parents would learn how to bloody park!!! ,)

  3. Unaware people (aka stupid people) are everywhere! And I don't think they drive any better here in the states either. Enjoy your country drive! :-)