Sunday, August 5, 2012

Because the night.......

Everything during the day looks the same, no one would see any changes but the sparkle has gone, ....and I blame the night. I get so wrapped up in my thoughts at night and it is not good.....Usually holidays are a good time for me and my sleeping difficulties.....I get away from the things that bother me....but this time I can't. and it risks spoiling the days - and there is no one I can talk to about it. When I have too much on my plate I know that writing a list of what I have to do gets everything out of my head and onto paper - that's why I'm writing it here....not because anyone can do anything but just to get it out of my head - away from me. I can't change anything  - me or the thing that is bothering me so I just have to put another jumper on - and hope it works.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how I wish I could be there for you in person. Being in a funk is awful. But please don't let the anxiety of whatever is bothering you start to take control. Take a chance and talk to someone. You never know who God will put in your path to help. xoxox