Thursday, June 28, 2012

Walking the wife

It sounds terrible doesn't it - well it is something Robert has realised he has to do on a regular basis. His office is a good hour away from home (an hour on a pretty busy stretch of motorway) and when he's not in the office he is travelling all over the north east of Italy visiting schools etc (don't feel too sorry for him - he gets to go to lovely places........) - this means that when he comes home, he comes home and wants to stay home. I on the other hand work from home - I love the convenience of being able to get up and start work at 5.00 in the morning if I feel like it, finish when I want so I can spend the afternoon at the beach, be here to run the kids around or meet their teachers (there is a whole post/rant just waiting to be written about parents having to take time off work to speak to teachers) etc etc but it also means that when I finish work, I have to get out, my head goes all cotton woolly if I don't. And while I could, and I do sometimes, go out without Robert, he's the person I most like hanging out with (and he claims the same...) so, I really would rather go out with him (the kids have been taken out of the equation - on the whole we are not their favourite people to hang out with). And now this has been 'named' - it's called "walking the wife" according to him - you know how when you have a dog you have to take it out in all weathers, rain or shine, hot or cold - well Robert has claimed he has to do the same - with me. That's amore right???


  1. We are in the same boat. OH on the road and me working at home a lot. I have to get out or I'd go nuts. OH does not walk me. I'm more of a stray wandering the fields alone. I do try not to leave piles of business behind though lol

    1. I think that's really funny - I'm the prissy one on a lead and you're the stray :) how funny......!!!

  2. Walking (with) the wife would be a bit better! Entrepreneur does the same thing. When he travels all week, all he wants to do when he gets back is stay home...which is where I've been all week!

  3. My commuting husband is the same, he travels to London every day and at the weekends just wants to hang around the house. I on the other hand work from home with a toddler on tow so by the weekend I want to get out. I have thought of turning a bit English and having things planned for us for every weekend of the year (like everyone here seems to do) but that doesn't work out for us, planets align with evil thoughts and, even if it is planned, someone gets sick, something breaks, we get snowed under, all sorts. I just wish he would at least take our daughter if he wants to stay home so that I get a break!

  4. PS-I've just seen Proz on your blog roll to the right and so I checked your profile and saw that you're a translator, me too!!!!