Friday, June 22, 2012

So far so good

Part of my summer on the has been manic these last few months and finally, what with school breaking up, the kids marks being published (and good), work being busy but all manageable......I have found time to spend two afternooons on the beach. Time spent with my kindle (A State of Emergency - despite the Angel Delight, Grange Hill, and that Jubilee I had no idea life in the 70's in Britain was so hard - interspersed with things like The Exotic Marigold Hotel - bit of a disappointment really) .....and my ipod, reaquainting myself with MY summer music......Fleetwood Mac, Meat Loaf, Foo Fighters, Joe Jackson, Jovanotti and Luciano Ligabue........and yes, it's all about me.....Leo hates the beach (and he's too busy anyway helping at the summer camp and doing his theatre course), Thomas is in Rome working in the Press Office of the Navy (free of charge of course, but hey, that's Italy), and Robert is still at work (and even if he weren't he just doesn't do the beach anymore) -


  1. 7.4 is a celebratory mark, not even close to retake :) *punches the air* that takes a lot of stress off him, good lad. Does Robert hide if he thinks it's for the blog or genuinely believe his spirit will be taken if you get a photo (aboriginal!). The 70s were hellish for my parents, I loved doing my homework by candlelight, collecting water from street stand pipes and loving playing outside. But I think they struggled a lot.

    Bizarre listening to Italian and picking out monkey do every so often!

    I like beaches but the sand annoys me! I would like carpet leading up to the sea :)

  2. I honestly thought the powercuts were just one of those thnings of 'olden days' - I don't think it ever really crossed my mind that there was an actual reason for them - happy days hey????

  3. Spending the day at the beach with a book is my kind of relaxation! And I have absolutely no idea what the eye candy in the video is singing about...but I really don't care! ;-)