Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 1......

......of no biscuits, bread or chocolate. We're not into Lent yet but I'm starting early - and I'm putting it down pen on paper - of sorts - so that I can remind myself of this 'promise' every time I come onto the blog to catch up with my blogging buddies (daily). I am not huge, I am not really even big but I feel uncomfortable and, over the last few years I've seen that it gets harder and harder to shift those unwnated extra pounds - but, experience has shown me that if I cut out biscuits and bread (and chocolate but really there is never any chocolate in the house anyway) I can "de-bloat" - but why? well, we have finally bought tickets to go to Canada in the summer - for Robert his first trip back in 16 years and for me, my first trip out of Europe and my first to see his family and friends - and yes, my ID card says I am 45 years old but really I am still 15 - we will be seeing/I will be meeting people I have never seen and, call me pathetic, but I want to look and feel as good as I possibly can - so hopefully this is the nudge I need to leave all the biscuits and bread just where it is. Wish me luck........


  1. Gluck. Oh course you want to feel good about yourself. How you look is unlikely to matter really, but if it affects how you feel about yourself then it matters. Lent is a great time to do it because you are not alone, I give up chocolate and alcohol, it's hard but because I know I would be cheating Jesus, would be embarrassed to confess my complete lack of willpower etc I make it through! Rarely lighter as I 'compensate' in other sweetie ways lol but always considerably less does dent on thetwoat the end of it. So I'm with you all the way. Hey every time you reach for the biscuit tin I promise to say 'Canada' from just being you (actually that might be a slightly freaky thought! Sorry) . Ps I always diet before we goto Australia, I could never face te MIL bloated!! (this comment is almost as long as your post sorry)

  2. Lol that says 'considerably less dependent on both' lol

  3. I knew you would understand - thank you - even for the 'over the shoulder' bit - I will keep you posted - now not only would I be cheating Jesus but you too!!!!