Sunday, April 24, 2011

San Leo - not mine...... he's not a Saint!!

Yes I know - old hilltop town - seen one, seen them all - but this is one of my favourites - the photos do not do it justice - it's about an hour away from us up in the hills just past San Marino - called San Leo it is absolutely beautiful - perched right up high - so high that on a day like today we were above the clouds - we didn't do a lot - had a wander, sat down for some lunch and a glass of wine but it was lovely. Then off to Verucchio - another hill top town - I am so glad I wasn't driving - well actually I wouldn't have driven - I would have abbandoned the car - driving up really steep cobbledstone roads with just enough rain to make them really slippy - a nightmare....but like I said, I wasn't driving .....

and you only get things like this here - and Ape Cross Trophy - Ape are those 3 wheeler farmer type vehicles - a bit like a Reliant Robin for the countryside - you don't see many of them around these days but when I spot one they still crack me up .......


  1. We have just had a conversation about coming to Italy for a holiday. This is great encouragement.

  2. I LOVE the alley shots. And the castle shot. And the mountain shot. I guess I love them all! Sounds like a great place to get away.