Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well that's us done for then

Late one evening not long after we got together we were walking down one of those quite narrow, very cobbly Italian streets in the historic centre in Ravenna, all of a sudden a car (you've heard about Italian drivers I assume) raced down the road and very nearly 'clipped' us - both of us exclaimed, as you would, Robert came out with a 'F*** me!!!? and I came out with a 'Good Lord!' - it sort of sums up our relationship - despite what those researchers in Texas might think!!


  1. Oh my. Entrepreneur and I should have been divorced a looonngggg time ago!

  2. I live in England, & I've visted Texas - doesn't surprise me at all!

    I also know about Italian drivers - Mama mia!

    Funny :)


  3. I think me and HWMBO are both "F*** Me!" ers, so I reckon we will be fine. But I'm not convinced trying to finish someones sentence is always a good idea !