Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squash - and not the one you eat

One of the new ideas for 2011 is to play squash - it isn't big over here - most people (as far as I know) have never even heard of it - my dad was one of those 'business-men-squash-player' types (you know, the ones who belong to a squash club and manage to get a game in every morning before going to the office) - well as much as Robert and I love each others company most of our 'company' is either at home or in the pub - we couldn't find an activity we could both do (dancing was top on my list of things to do together but that was NEVER going to happen) - he plays tennis and I am appaling - seriously appaling - but then we discovered that there is actually a squash court in Ravenna - he can play any racket game, I can't but I can manage squash - being trained (and I use the term very loosely) by my friend Phillip when we were 16 and then playing at school in the last 2 years means that I can actually make the racket hit the ball and then make the ball hit the wall - yes I know it seems easy - but it isn't always as easy it seems!!! Once we started to play (and there will be photos to follow.....) I just knew that Thonas would love it (as a boy any game that means whacking a ball against a wall is going to be a hit) - so for the last 2 Tuesdays he and I have gone off to play - to be honest I thought suggested he play with one of his buddies but he so surprised me by saying ' no Mum, why don't you and me play' - and as a Mum who was already going through the empty nest drama (yes of course he still lives with us but we are no way close to being his priority these days) - I jumped at the chance (sad pathetic mother that I am!!) - it's great - but I HVAE to teach him the rules - I swear he is making them up and I am sure he is somewhat lax when it comes to the score keeping - time for a little chat I think...........

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  1. Oh no empty nest syndrome before they fly! I got in that tis last September and I've a few years left myself!!! How lovely he's keen to play ( read beat) you :0)