Friday, January 14, 2011

My Little Blog

Right this time it really wasn't a question of being fickle (which I can be at times) - I thought that the blogs I had in the past were for me but in fact they very quickly became blogs for others - in the sense that I was very often aware of who was reading(or who not) and what their reactions to what I was writing would be - I felt an obligation to them - and the whole blog thing (for me) was not supposed to feel like an obligation - I have enough of those. But, having stopped writing I missed it -
1. it seeems that when I no longer had this place where I could put things down, small things suddenly happened that I would have written about had I had somewhere to write
2. I knew that at sometime in the future I would miss not having this small diary of our family life that I could sometimes go back over and look at (hence all the photos in the first post here - they were all the photos that I had posted on my Life in Italy blog - ok, there are no words but I know why those photos are there
3. when, on reading Life in Italy my mum pointed out that it wasn't my ''real life'' I told her that yes, in fact it was my real life - ie I might not write about everything but everything I write about is real - and those things I wrote about were generally the good things in my life - small, apparently inconsequential things but all good -
And that brings me to the point of this one ...........
1. by having the blog it makes me 'look' at the good things - I'm not going to write about the bills, work problems, 'scratchy' moments with Robert etc etc - who wants to read about difficulties - open a newsaper if you want that - my blog is (and was in the past) a place where I reminded myself of the good things - and as a person who has a tendancy to get bogged down in problems and worries this can only be a good thing
2. to do this I need to keep writing for myself and not be influenced by people's opinions - so while this isn't exactly an anonymous blog I'm not going to be advertising it to friends and family in the UK, Canada or Ravenna - I have some lovely blogging buddies (you know who you are) and they will do just great thankyou very much -
So that's it - that's why My Little Blog has come into being. And now please be patient as I will be putting videos and photos from the old blog at various times - if I put things there in the past it was because I liked them - they made me laugh - and as the main point of MLB is for it to be my feel good blog they need to reappear.......little things like this........


  1. stumbled upon you and not entirely sure if you wanted to know that I stumbled upon you or not so I decided to take the bull by the horns and let you know. Any hoo, nice to see you. Missed the family meals, so was pleased to see them too. Hope the mixer worked it's socks off over Christmas and I hope this blog is the family diary of happy events you want it to be. I will pop in and out. xxx

  2. I'm so excited you are giving it another go 'round! Once the website address got straightened out, it was great to find you! I'm subscribing right now! :-)

  3. Hello!!! I'm so pleased you're carrying on with your writing. Over the course of last year at times I too was tempted to write what I thought people wanted to read and re reading those posts they're the ones I dislke most. I go with my gut feeling, you know my world, it's full of past, present and future dreams and I feel comfy there now, I'm looking forward to seeing you get your pictures up around here and making it a specail place for YOU.